quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

O meu não, o meu é ótimo!

- So, guys, what's your reaction when your computer doesn't turn on, or your internet doesn't work?
- Aaaaah, teeeacher, I hate it! My computer ALWAYS does that! I always go crazy, mad and get reeeeally pissed off!
The teacher laughed softly, but then commented:
- Oooh, c'mon! You're overreacting!
The other student continued:
- Of course not, teacher! He's right! I feel like kicking it to see if it will work!
A third one completed:
- Yeeeah! Aaaargh, it knocks me out! It drives me mad!
The three of them said almost together:
- Yeah, yeah, that's right.
The teacher, after laughing a bit, got her book. But while she was doing that, the fourth student, who had kept silence during all the debate, finally said:
- Teacher, I don't get like that. My PC is great, it never shuts down while I'm using it, it never breaks - and smiled a little.
It's obvious that the three other students glimpsed at him (with lasers). And it's also obvious that the teacher couldn't stop laughing.

Ps.: Assim não dá, pessoal. Qualquer dia vocês me matam...
Natália Albertini.

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