sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

Yellow wings.

The white and creased sheets were underneath them.
The two bodies were involved in their unique atmosphere of sleeping passion.
The one from the bottom was strong, had the mouth open and the arms spread on the pillows. It was lighter than the other one and it had a large and comfortable chest, where the second body had its head laid.
The second one was smaller, though not weak. The hair was longer, such as the eyelashes. The breast was on the other one's chest, breathing in the same rythims.
The sun was shallow and the air, wet.
A few pieces of clothes were on the floor, torn apart. The bodies wore just one or two of them.
They looked peaceful.
The guy breathed deeper and held the girl closer, kissing her forehead unconsciously, and she smiled in their dream.
While they felt each other, a billion yellow butterflies flew around the clear bedroom, almost lifting it up with them.

Natália Albertini.

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