quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011


She had her back on the wall. She was sitting on the bed, which was covered in white.
Her legs were long and naked. The hot Florida air made her wear nothing but panties and one of his big baseball shirts.
He was almost falling asleep on her lap, his eyes were light green and his eyelashes, deeply blonde.
She had a book in one of her hands, while the other one had its fingers on his yellow and straight hair.
He stretched his body, half naked as hers, but on the top part of it, and found a new and better position for his head above her soft legs.
Almost voiceless by the tiring hot weather and the sleeping atmosphere, seconds before falling asleep, he whispered, unconsciously:
- Don't let me go.
She heard.
She laid down the book, smiled with affection and got down, putting her face right in front his, almost gathering their lips.
She whispered back to his sleeping ears:
- I won't. Ever.
Then she kissed him softly, taking care not to wake him up. And she knew that she never would.
And she didn't.

Natália Albertini.

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